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Principles of Business II - BA 1302 B - Montoya - Diane

Course Instructor's Name: Camilla Montoya Course Instructor Email: cmontoya10@stmarytx.edu When is the best time to reach you about the session? : Afternoon Please provide the Course Number, Course Title and Course Sections.*Note: If course sections are not on the same day, please complete another request.: Principles of Business II - BA 1302 B Session Date and Time: 03/05/2024 09:00 am Where will the class meet?*Please include reservation information if the session will take place in another location outside of your usual location.: Alkek 101 How long will the session be?: 30 minutes Number of students anticipated: 20 Which Librarian would you like to lead instruction?: Katie Thonen What citation style are you asking your students to use?: APA If a copy of the assignment is not available please briefly describe the assignment below.: PERSUASIVE SPEECH ASSIGNMENT Instructions: You will give a persuasive presentation in groups of 2-3 students (no more than 3). Your presentation must be between 5-6 minutes long, and all group members must participate equally. In your group, you will come up with an idea for a fictitious product that would help solve a real-life problem. You DO NOT NEED TO CREATE THE PRODUCT, just pretend like you did. I recommend that you bring a drawing of it. In your speech, you will present (a) the product and (b) the problem it is solving, while trying to persuade the audience to invest in it. Think of this as a Shark Tank type of presentation. You can use Monroe's Motivated Sequence to guide the organization of your speech/presentation outline or use the outline example shared in the modules on Canvas. I want to see that you have researched your topic and will be looking for at least four references to credible sources that you will cite within the speech. I will be looking for overall content and speech organization. You should have a strong opening that captures our attention, introduces your topic, and previews what is to come. Use the body of the speech to explain the issue, your concerns, and a proposed solution. End with a strong conclusion. Summarize key points and have a clear "call-to-action". The day of your speech you need to submit your speech outline and a resources page via the Module section in Canvas before the start of class. Show at least four credible resource sources using APA style. Two of these sources must be peer-reviewed articles; the other two can be credible websites (especially .gov), podcasts, books, etc. Make sure your citations and references are in the correct APA style for each type of source you are using (academic article, book, news website, etc.). What skills do you expect the Librarian to teach during the session?: Defining/narrowing a Topic, Brainstorming sources of information, Bibliographic/Citation assistance Please provide a copy of your course's syllabus.: 2024%20spring%20ba%201302%20b%E2%80%93%20syllabus.pdf What do you want students to be able to do by the end of the session? (Desired Learning Outcomes): Understand APA basics and where to go for more information on it, understand what peer-reviewed articles are and how to find them, identify other credible sources of information.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
9:00am - 9:30am
Time Zone:
Central Time - US & Canada (change)

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